A Seeds of Peace

We're not just hosting a conference.

We are developing a source of inspiration, a place for personal growth and professional networking.
We are building a hub for new ways of thinking about age-old problems, where emerging leaders connect to develop, debate, and support ideas to bring about positive change.
We are empowering a network of leaders who are committed to doing good, and who can amplify ideas and actions that transform conflict.


From October 23-26, 2014, over 250 people—NGO leaders, social entrepreneurs, members of the business and philanthropic communities, and other changemakers—will meet in Jordan for the invitation-only GATHER+962: the inaugural Seeds of Peace-hosted ideas and action summit.

We invite you to GATHER with other emerging leaders whose commitment to social change and conflict transformation demonstrate the greatest potential to create real change in their societies.

We invite you to GATHER with us for four days of networking, inspiration and ideation.

This year, GATHER is paying special attention to emerging leaders who are engaged in the fields of social and business entrepreneurship, media and technology, and women’s empowerment.

GATHER+962 will include presentations by keynote speakers, themed panels of experts discussions and more intimate and action-oriented working sessions.

GATHER+962 has the support of the Royal Court of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and is hosted by Seeds of Peace. Contact for more information.

Dead Sea, Jordan




Mövenpick Resort Dead Sea (Jordan)
GATHER+962 will take place on the pristine shores of the Dead Sea, one of the most beautiful locations in the Middle East. The resort is an hour from Amman and Queen Alia International Airport, and minutes away from the Allenby Bridge/King Hussein crossing.
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Since 1993, Seeds of Peace has been investing in young people and emerging leaders, transforming conflict one community at a time.

During that time, we have witnessed a paradigm shift when it comes to leadership and social change. The concept of “leadership” is no longer bound by traditional notions of authority, age, and experience. Ordinary citizens, of all ages, are working to ignite change, outside traditional channels and frameworks. 

We see this phenomenon through youth who are taking innovative approaches to tackling obstacles preventing stability, growth, and peace. We see it happening as professionals use business, media, technology, and other sectors to advance progress on social issues, often faster or more effectively than policymakers.


Seeds of Peace sees this potential at work every day through our more than 5,000 alumni and the thousands of others change-agents in the regions where we work.


Though many of these stories remain unfinished, and while  new challenges are sure to arise, there is an undeniable current at work. With that comes unprecedented opportunity to nurture positive change.

Seeds of Peace’s alumni programs are squarely focused on inspiring and accelerating leadership that holds promise for real change. Recognizing the value and need for partnership and cooperation, Seeds of Peace is opening opportunities to the larger community of changemakers in the regions where we work.



Mohamed Rahmy

Director of Graduate Programs

I am GATHER-ing because I strongly believe in the power that our shared commitment to advancing positive change in and across our communities holds.

Eva Armour

Director of Programs & Strategy

I choose to GATHER because, in the words of our Seeds, “we refuse to accept what is when we know what can be."

Jason P. Drucker, Ph.D.

Director of Development and External Relations

We are GATHER-ing with friends, colleagues, and fellow travelers to share inspiration, incubate new ideas, and foster relationships for the future.

Leslie Lewin

Executive Director

I am continually inspired by the work I see our Seeds and their peers doing across the globe. GATHER gives us the opportunity to celebrate this work, amplify its impact and bring outstanding people together. Great things happen when great minds come together.

Manu Sharma

Senior Development Manager

I want to GATHER to be inspired by young professionals and innovators from around the globe—those who are possessed with a vision and committed through their actions to create change in their communities.

Michele Allaux

Senior Manager, Institutional Philanthropy

Because the world needs so much, because there are people who care, because it matters, I am excited by the potential that exists by GATHERing a group of inspired individuals who are working to create a better world.

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Should you apply?
GATHER+962 is open to both alumni of Seeds of Peace as well as those new to the organization.

Your work and ideas for change should intersect with the three professional fields GATHER+962 will focus on: Business & Social Entrepreneurship, Media & Technology and Women’s Empowerment.

We are looking for applicants who are:
• Motivated by a strong sense of purpose.
• Living in or from the Middle East, South Asia (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan), or the US. (While Seeds of Peace maintains a focus on these areas, we are open to compelling applicants from other countries.)
• Looking to connect with other changemakers.
• Seeking support to accelerate their ideas and initiatives.
• Needing inspiration for new approaches to disrupting the status quo and advancing social change.
• Interested in spending four days surrounded by good people, good thinking, and good work.

Priority deadline for applications is June 30.
Home Address
Please tell us some more about yourself and your expectations from GATHER+962.
We want to make GATHER+962 a worthwhile experience for all attendees, and your input here will us do so by identifying common interests, and aligning professional and personal values.
What do you do?
We want to hear about your work and employer, but also about other professional pursuits and interests you may have.
Tell us about your interests OUTSIDE of work.
Where would you place yourself now in your professional or personal journey?
Why do you want to be part of GATHER+962? What unique perspectives can you share?
What do you hope to take out of GATHER+962?
What issues are you most passionate about?
GATHER+962 is paying special attention to emerging leaders who are engaged in the fields of Social and Business Entrepreneurship, Media and Technology and Women’s Empowerment. Which of the following is most relevant to your interests?
Tell us how you see one of the above professional tracks as a potential lever for social change in your community.
With these tracks in mind, what particular topics, questions or issues would you like to see addressed at GATHER+962?
If given the opportunity to convene a panel in Jordan, or lead a session, breakout, or fun activity, what would you suggest, and why?
How did you hear about GATHER, and have you participated in past Seeds of Peace events?
Registration, Travel, Lodging Fees
Registration fees will contribute to your meals and all activities throughout the four days/three nights.

Registration fees do not cover your travel expenses to the Dead Sea or lodging expenses for three nights at the Mövenpick. Single Mövenpick rooms for this event are priced at JOD 95 per night; double rooms at JOD 105 per night (B&B basis; subject to taxes and service charges). At Registration, you may indicate if you want to share a double room (and split the room rate) with another GATHER+962 participant.

Registration Fees are non-refundable.


We are sensitive to your needs and strive very hard to keep the registration costs as low as possible for our participants. We do not make a profit on GATHER+962: we just cover costs (and we try to keep those costs to a minimum) to cover basic expenses.
Registration Fee Options
Which category best describes you:
We are making available a limited number of scholarships to assist with travel and lodging.

Scholarships do NOT cover Registration Fees, and are based on the level of need and availability at the time of application.

Will you need financial assistance? If so, how much do you estimate you will need and what will it cover?
Is there anything else you want to share with us?
As soon as you submit the application, the GATHER+962 Team will start reviewing it.
If accepted, you will be asked to complete the application process, pay the Registration Fee, book your room at the Mövenpick Dead Sea, and get ready to GATHER!
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