The concept of leadership is no longer bound by traditional notions of authority and, increasingly, the world is witnessing the impact of those who — with an entrepreneurial mindset — are using business, technology and media to engender peaceful societal transformation that is propelled from the bottom up. These individuals, showing a creativity and determination that is often lacking in the established echelons of power, are challenging perceptions of what can be achieved by ordinary citizens and making their mark as genuine leaders who do not simply talk of change, but take active steps to instigate it. 


GATHER, a new practical action initiative from Seeds of Peace, aims to provide such trailblazers — and the growing number of those who are following their example — with a much needed forum for discourse, learning and, significantly, connection to those who have the knowledge and resources necessary to bring viable, transformative ideas to fruition.




Evidence shows that the success of social improvement programs stimulate positive shifts within communities in conflict and establish foundations through which peace can take root. Consequently, GATHER aims to furnish emerging leaders with the focused support that will empower them to realize social, political and economic development initiatives, the by-product of which will be the spontaneous and organic unfolding of conciliation.



GATHER+962 is scheduled to take place at the Mövenpick Resort at the Dead Sea in Jordan, from 26th February to 1st March, 2015.


Over three productive days, we will bring together emerging leaders with established figures from the world of philanthropy, diplomacy, finance, education, technology and media. Crucially, during our ‘Social Networking’ hours, GATHER staff will facilitate introductions between participants and the delegates who may be the source of help or guidance to drive their prospective initiatives forward. 


The event will also be the platform for the launch of our Seed Fellows Program. This fellowship program is open to those who have exemplified extraordinary achievement, or who demonstrate such potential, as activists in the entrepreneurial social change arena. Successful candidates will be recipients of a grant and be eligible to participate in our 2015 Leadership Incubator.


GATHER +962 has the support of the Royal Court of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and is hosted by Seeds of Peace.


For more information on the event, eligibility for attendance and application to the Seed Fellows Program, please contact