Our story

“It’s about doing whatever you can, with whatever you have, wherever you are.”


GATHER grew out of Seeds of Peace, an international non-profit that aims to develop courageous leaders who work in solidarity across lines of difference to create more just and inclusive societies.


After surveying our alumni, we recognized the desire and need for continued spaces to come together, training to lead effective change, and more targeted investment to deepen and accelerate their impact. In 2015, GATHER was born, and dedicated itself to supporting Seeds of Peace alumni and others working to create the conditions for lasting change. Since then, we have engaged more than 1,700 people in local and international convenings, trainings in design thinking and collective impact, and Fellowships to offer personal and project-based support.


In 2022, we launched GATHER’s membership program to deepen the ways we connect with and support each other.


  • Eva Armour

    Eva has spent more than 20 years working with communities in conflict to envision and build a more just reality. She leads our impact work, exploring what works, what doesn’t, and how we know.

  • Sara Benabdallah

    Sara is the GATHER Operations Director and has dedicated her work to seeking impactful social change. She holds the team’s operational pieces and develops systems and tools to manage all things GATHER.

  • Ashraf Ghandour

    Ashraf is the GATHER Middle East Director and an advocate for social justice. He has dedicated his work to providing space and support to communities impacted by injustice to create a world that thrives as just societies.


Is the GATHER Membership open for all?

Not yet! As of now, it is open to only GATHER Fellows and Event attendees of the past who are actively and intentionally building just and inclusive societies. It will soon be open to more people doing similar work. Stay close and stay tuned to our social media for timely updates.

What is The Network?

The Network is a global private online network for all GATHER Members to have discussions, find partners and community, feature events, and avail holistic support.

What does GATHER offer?

GATHER offers its Members various perks including, but not limited to: 1) Funding and coaching 2) Access to local and international convenings 3) Access to The Network, a private online networking site 4) Media exposure 5) Support to start Hubs 6) Leadership development.

How can I apply for the Fellowships?

The Organisers Fellowship and the International Fellowship accept new cohorts once a year. Stay close and stay tuned to our social media for timely updates on when applications open.

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