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Creator, social entrepreneur, director.

Elevating artistry by and for immigrants.

Uplifting stories of BIPOC and underrepresented immigrant communities through film.

Representing stories of immigrant LGBTQ communities through visual art.

Showcasing stories through podcasts, press, film, and television.

Supporting young visual artists from communities affected by violent conflict to grow their socially engaged artistic practice.

Documenting artists and changemakers through digital art.

Public arts creator, educator, and organizer committed to collective exploration of the ground as canvas.

Juggling creativity, innovation & creation with art, design, and society.

Exposing cultural blind spots & systematic failures through filmmaking.

Making people feel seen, heard and loved through paintings and deep art experiences.

Using visual art and storytelling to document the impact of conflict on Kashmiri society.

Providing access to visual arts integrated social emotional learning to children from under-resourced communities.

Highlighting military occupation and oppression through transformative art.

Empowering women designers and crafters in regions of conflict

Creating pathways to information & communications tech jobs in Gaza

Fostering female entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Galvanizing the business community in the Middle East

Connecting young Arab women to the Israeli high tech sector

Supporting unemployed Palestinian women who want to enter the workforce.

Tackling India's unemployment crisis through technology

Fostering economic development among Palestinian citizens of Israel

Developing affordable solar kits for marginalized communities

Developing mini-course for Arab and Jewish teachers in Jerusalem to teach about the conflict

Using film to explore the ideas of home and belonging

Using the power of music to prompt dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis

Creating learning tools to help students think independently

Creating educational opportunities for Syrian refugee children

Developing an academically researched framework for teaching about the India-Pakistan conflict

Bringing together the best minds in empathy research.

Training graduates in Gaza to document women's issues

Producing english-language curriculum that incorporates values of dialogue.

Providing a safe creative learning space for children in the Shijaeya community in Gaza

Staging a theater performance that addresses the realities of the Jewish-Palestinian conflict

Creating an arts education curriculum that explores identity, history, dreams, community, and the “other.”

Building bridges between the Jewish, Arab, religious, and secular communities in Israel

Providing educational opportunities for underserved populations in Jaffa

Empowering youth in a Palestinian refugee camp

Innovating educational tools for creative thinking and cross-cultural understanding.

Bridging the gap between Arabs and Jews in Israel through social and creative activities.

Developing lesson plans and teacher trainings with The History Project.

Documenting oral histories from Palestinians and Israelis about the events of 1948.

Using tech to help NGOs build stronger communities across lines of conflict

Promoting solidarity and tolerance through music

Creating a safe space for Palestinian youth to learn about the environment and grow

Transforming Nile water conflict through citizen collaborations

Connecting women across borders with mentors in their field

Developing an applied theater toolkit for international conflict transformation practitioners

Developing an applied theater toolkit for international conflict transformation practitioners

Transforming conflict through the arts

Bringing Arab and Jewish women together to tackle gender injustice

Creating a peace incubator for students in Pakistan

Connecting Israeli & Palestinian youth from Jaffa through music

Using video game storytelling to develop empathy for the refugee experience

Building interfaith understanding and empathy in Iraq & Jordan

Using children’s books to bridge the Cyprus divide

Using arts therapy to heal trauma in Palestine

Providing free music education to empower and integrate refugee children in Greece

Integrating refugees with host communities in Augusta, Maine

Developing a new public school model

Bringing attention to the marginalized in India through a podcast series

Humanizing and supporting refugee children through Letters of Love initiative

Targeting gender-based violence in Egypt

Building schools that empower girls and further their potential

Empowering Israeli musicians to use their platform for change

Empowering youth to develop their own agency and lead change

Changing the narrative around the practitioners and recipients of humanitarian aid

Introducing social justice and gender equity issues to children through board games

Creating stories, developing skills, and uncovering the science of 'bridge building

Promoting religious tolerance and pluralism through education

Using design thinking to put communities at the center of their own conflict transformation

Establishing a network of dialogue programs in high schools

Representing Palestinians to Western audiences through writing and public speaking

Promoting diversity of thought through storytelling and group projects

Creating sustainable human rights change through the arts

Using art therapy to transform conflict

Expanding access to mental health care in Pakistan

Creating and empowering activist students and teachers in Israel

Addressing gender violence and toxic masculinity through education

Using superhero comic books to combat gender biases

Fostering empathy among Israeli teens through storytelling

Working to transform Palestinian diplomacy

Working to strengthen Palestinian diplomacy.

Sharing his personal story of evolution from combatant to peace activist to open up dialogue

Countering divisive political rhetoric in Maine and at the national level

Paving the way for women to take leadership roles in the security sector

Empowering youth to be voices for more socially just reform of drug policies

Organizing stakeholders to bring more harmony into the peace-building world

Elevating marginalized voices in Kashmir

Building a united Palestinian society

Empowering Egyptian women in the employment sector

Alleviating the cycle of poverty in Israel

Fostering interfaith unity through food

Creating a network for the Middle East diaspora in Europe to collectively challenge xenophobia.

Supporting refugee communities through gastrodiplomacy

Empowering refugees in the United Kingdom

Creating safe spaces for Pakistani sexual assault survivors.