Accelerating impact

At GATHER, we do not underestimate the power of the collective and the individuals working within it. Over the last six years, GATHER has awarded its fellowship to more than 90 leaders working across all sectors of society. Currently, we have two programs:

The GATHER Organisers Fellowship is a program designed to train and support those who aim to organise and mobilise for collective action in their own communities. This six-month Fellowship is designed to deepen opportunities for impact and collaboration through collective action.

A program that supports changemakers from around the world who have the potential to inspire social, political, and economic change in ways that can transform conflict. Learn more and apply by August 30 ››

We focus on

  • Personal growth

    To enhance leadership skills through awareness, dialogue, mentorship, and access to holistic support while also focusing on personal wellbeing.

  • Community building

    To find community that shares your highs and your lows and everything in-between, builds trust, organises, and mobilises them towards action.

  • Project development

    To realise your project ideas, develop them from its initial stages and boost them forward with critical resources needed to deepen the impact.


Artivisim Fellowship application closed

Recognising the power art has to effectively shape and shift societies, we are proud to announce our 6th international GATHER Fellowship, championing and centering artistic activism, popularly known as Artivism. We believe that Art’s creative power combined with Activism’s strategic planning can lead to real social change with increased scale, speed, and sustainability.

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